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Deck Covers

Vancouver WA ● Portland OR ● Clackamas

Deck Covers and Awnings by Patio Cover People, LLC in Vancouver, WADeck covers help expand a home’s living area giving the family that extra space for entertaining outdoors. The kids can go outside to play with their friends in the open air without the worry of the harmful rays of the sun. Parents will also know where they are playing while enjoying the time spent under the new covered deck. These awnings are an attractive improvement to any home, increasing its value. The family’s enjoyment of their new awnings will be repaid tri-fold when it is installed.

Benefits Of Adding Deck Covers To Your Backyard

  • Minimizes the harsh sun rays or the inconvenience of a sudden rain shower
  • Lowers energy costs while shading area
  • Extend internal space of home
  • Protect interior furnishings from harsh sun’s rays
  • Lower energy costs while shading area
  • Adds style to that plain patio or deck area

Selecting The Right Material For Your Awnings

There are several selections offered for deck covers. The attributes of the materials used provide a homeowner quite a few ways to enhance their outdoor living space. Finding the right material and style of deck cover to compliment the exterior of the home will be determined by:

  • Whether the awning cover will be attached to the home or will it be a freestanding cover
  • Whether the awning will match the material used on the roof to appear as if it was originally built as part of the home
  • The incline and shape of the home’s roof to determine the angle of the new awning
  • The incline and shape of the home’s roof to determine the angle of the new awning

Wood Deck Covers

Wood is the traditional material used because it is inexpensive and durable. They are the easiest to blend with the exterior of a home and the existing landscaping. Wooden awnings do require maintenance and care after installation. Wood needs be stained and sealed yearly along with applying termite resistant treatments to prevent it from drying out and to keep it looking new.

Metal Deck Covers

Metal covers are extremely versatile and hold up well in climates with varying types of weather. The metals used may consist of steel, copper or iron with a protective zinc coating. Metal covers come in many textures and styles that usually do not require any maintenance. These covers are very durable allowing the family to barbeque straight through a rainstorm without interrupting the family’s festivities. For folks who would still like that look of a wood covering with the attributes of metal can turn to Alumawood as a choice. This material looks like wood yet has the desired qualities of strength with less maintenance that aluminum offers.

Vinyl Awnings

An environmental option is to build an awning from recycled materials with the use of the new vinyl alternative. It is a highly durable material that won’t decay, rot, or warp. It is also easy to install and affordable. Homeowners can get these covers in simulated wood finishes without the hassle of the yearly maintenance involved in taking care of a wooden alternative.

No matter what material a homeowner does choose, the addition of a new stylish awning will become an integral part of the home’s social and entertaining space for many years to come

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