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Outdoor Living Spaces

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Outdoor covered area built and erected by Patio Cover People serving Portland OR Vancouver WASitting on that gray slab of concrete is your brand-new patio set. Now visualize a newly-designed outdoor living space ready for those family reunion picnics or that private, quiet afternoon getaway to match that lovely new patio set. Creating a classic outdoor living space with a covered deck will add the perception of spaciousness to the home by connecting the inside space to the outside space. Turn that outdoor living area into the favorite spot in the house with just a little creativity.

Optimize the Potential of Your Outdoor Living Space

Usually, homeowners prefer the covered outdoor living space to be built directly off their home in areas that require protection from the rain and sun. The usual location for wood patio covers is near the back door helping to extend their living space. The size of the patio cover depends on what will aesthetically augment the home’s appearance. Some homeowners prefer the covered outdoor living area to:

  • Match the size of the connecting indoor room
  • Fit between the home’s exterior window pattern
  • Build the covered area as broad as the home and as tall as the roof

Some homeowners enrich their covered deck spaces with an outdoor fireplace, built-in grill, and separate dining area. Adding plants in decorative pots or garden beds located around the area will also increase the covered patio’s ambiance. Types of outdoor living spaces that add protection from the weather and allow you to enjoy being outside include:

  • Covered Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Wood Awnings
  • Wood Patio Covers

What are the Benefits of an Open versus a Solid Patio Cover?

Covered outdoor living spaces provide various levels of protection from the elements of the weather. Whether the patio requires a partially shaded area with the help of a lattice-roofed gazebo or an open-concept roofed awning that keeps the area brighter can be discussed. Solid wood awnings block the rain, snow or sun, protecting the area beneath. They can be built with shingles to match the roof of the existing home. It all depends on the effect that is desired. An experienced covered outdoor living space team will review the covered living space required to achieve that perfect effect.


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