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Custom Patio Rooms

Live Outdoors All Year!

Custom Patio Rooms
Custom Patio Rooms
Custom Patio Rooms

Enjoy Backyard Living All Year!

Imagine Enjoying Breakfast Outdoors in any Season…

Kids playing on your deck or patio area even when it’s rainy or stormy.
Sitting with friends & family in the sunshine enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the sunset…every single day!


Custom-Patio-Rooms White


Custom-Patio-Rooms Beige


Custom-Patio-Rooms Brown


Custom Patio Covers

Custom Powder Coat Colors available to Match Any Color!

Double Pane Acrylic Roof Panels Available in Four Options

Expand Your Home to the Outdoors!

No More Wet Paws! ~ No More Hot Spots!

In the warmer months, slide your doors and windows open – Enjoy the fresh air – sunshine & breeze.

In the colder months, enjoy times in your Patio Room without snow, rain, wind, debris or leaves.

Create the Outdoor Living Space you always wanted!

Patio Cover People custom designs Patio Rooms to fit your existing home and preferences.