Acrylite® High Impact Double Pane Acrylic

Acrylite Clear Acrylic Panes
Acrylite Clear Acrylic Panes
Acrylite Clear Acrylic Panes

Clear Acrylic Panels have 86% Light Transmittance 15% Heat Block with 100% UV Block

5/8″ Thick Double Pane Acrylic Roof  Panels enable air to circulate within the panel for a Patented No Drip System.

Never yellows! – Acrylite® will not yellow, become brittle, or degrade. A promise we back with a 30 year non-prorated no yellowing guarantee – the best in the industry!

10 year Hail Impact Replacement Warranty!

Acrylite Clear Patio Room Panels
Acrylite Clear Patio Room Panels
Acrylite Clear Patio Room Panels

Natural Light Transmission

Acrylite® Acrylic multi-skin sheets maximizes Light and Brightness, even in dim areas, allowing for the presence of light in the design to be easily explored and expressed.

Acrylite® allows spaces to be opened up to the sky, cascading it with beautiful natural light!

Protection from the Elements

Acrylite® Acrylic panels offer superior protection from North America’s extreme weather conditions. – When used in outdoor spaces to create a protective canopy, Acrylite® can block up to 80%
of the suns heat while also obstructing harmful UV rays.

The panels can also be used to create a protective break from howling winds and blowing rain or snow.

Their ability to block harmful UV rays also makes Acrylite® acrylic multi skin sheet an ideal solution to protect interiors from fading and damage that can result from sunlight.

Note: Composite decks, window coverings like drapes & blinds, furniture – are all protected with Acrylite® 100% UV block – making a natural daylight patio with total protection.

Acrylite Clear Patio Cover and Patio Room Panes
Acrylite Clear Patio Cover and Patio Room Panes

30 Year No-Yellowing Guarantee!

Yellowing of plastics is caused by the sun’s UV rays but Acrylite® acrylic is 100% naturally UV stable. Polycarbonate and other plastic covers need a UV barrier or coating to delay yellowing, but most often they need to be repaired after a few years from installation because they have turned yellow. UV barriers are often thin and are likely prone to failure.

Acrylite® acrylic is composed of 100% naturally UV stable molecules throughout the material that stabilizes it from the inside out and protects the entire sheet, not just the surface!

Protection from Hail

Acrylite® resist is strong enough to withstand hail impact – a promise we back with our 10 year warranty. In fact, because our proprietary polymers are 10 times more impact resistant than traditional acrylics, our hail warranty is not prorated! Glass and weathered fragile polycarbonate cannot offer this same protection from damaging hail.

Life Expectancy of 30+ Years

Acrylite® has been proven to perform consistently over decades of use in all types of climates throughout the world.

The Best Warranties in the Industry

Non-prorated full replacement 30 year non-yellowing – 10 year light transmission – 10 year hail warranty.

Your Investment is Fully Protected!